POSSIBILITIES with the ring



hotel room, office, workplace


ring, mobile phone, wearables, watch


football, golf, opera, musical, skiing, swimming, tennis, theatre


bus, flight, railway, mountain ski ticket



Rolf Senti

CEO Switzerland, Founder Switzerland & Italy

as Ceo of Bagno Sasso rolf senti positioned his international company in the mid to high end segment for bath, wellness, design & interior.
He won several international design awards like the Red Dot Design Best of the Best or the Award Athenaeum Architecture of Design Chicago. Senti was in the junior by the elite amateur in the Swiss national cycling team.
Rolf Senti won several Swiss championship titles. He was participant at the World Championship and changed to the professional cyclist. He participated at the Tour de Suisse, Tour de Romandie, Danish Tour and various world cup races.

Thomas Degen

CFO Switzerland, Founder Switzerland & Italy

thomas degen grew up in felsberg, graubünden. he finished his studies at the university of berne in sports and english. already in his first job he formed his profile with inspiration and innovative ideas such as creating a new understanding of sport education that was widely appreciated at that time. he realized that innovation is even more effective when creating new ideas in heterogeneous teams that are able to discuss contentiously.
his most outstanding development was the new positioning of the tamina therme, bad ragaz, in a holistic sense. up to now the tamina therme has won different significant awards not only for its architecture but also for its continuously innovative developing of its offer thomas degen has created the basis for.
with his visionary ideas thomas degen occasionally provokes resistance especially when courage or understanding for change is lacking. his latest projects like grison butler inspire individuals who see opportunities in innovation, digitalization and creating our future. for further information feel free to contact thomas degen.

Dr. Nicolò Renzi

CEO Italy, Founder Italy & Switzerland

Nicolò Renzi, born in Sant’Elpidio a Mare (Italy).
During his Economic studies, he was employed by the Ministry of Economy in Rome. Since 2012 he has been the owner and major shareholder as well as Ceo of Luxitalica, a leading company in the trade of multinational footwear brands.
Having been elected political positions as municipal councilor and group leader and president of important commissions for the development of municipal political and administrative activities. He had experiences with Givers Gain Italia where we have won several national awards.
He has always been passionate about cars, boats, real estate and politics.
He expects to make an efficient and effective contribution to the team to achieve the objectives that the board of directors has set itself.